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conditions, has forced this subject to the front and the occasion has

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have been pursuing no medical treatment for that purpose. A

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or glycerine of carbolic acid may be dropped into the canal, and a hot

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made the cause of aggravation of the disease. We should like to

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the limb, the toe being turned inward^ except when the head of

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as well as the laity, regard as a forerunner of death. In this

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in the laboratory and planted on a young calf and collected at maturity, and

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suspected and sought for, although there is seldom any expectoration to be

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larger, but generally with little or no actual loss of substance.

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unless I heard more from him, I would discontinue my attend-

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debted to Jenner's immortal discovery cannot realize the great-

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of the instrument the orifice will be dilated, and the contents will

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is hot, boil gently for half a minute. If sugar be present, we get

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JSeview of Medicinal Electricity. By Drs. Richter and Qodmann.

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and no criticism was made. While he emphatically believed that

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tines, and during their action the coils could be seen

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a little grated lemon peel, butter, flour, a few drops of lemon juice.

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city and is supposed to have an unlimited supply of very good

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1st. The stall, pulleys, halter, and manger, should

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of hysteria ; and according to the Rev. H. A. Stern it has this

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Either accompanying, or quickly following the cbUI and

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present, a fine green colour will almost immediately be developed

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Through the courtesy of Messrs. Parke, Davis & Co., who

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current. My own interpretation is something as follows : The

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lose no time in moving forward and taking up a position at some

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lard or unsalted butter. All handling or maneuvering, in the hope of

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ray, either alone or combined with rest. This table includes :

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In Dorpat for instance, Meyer found 5 cases among 11 autopsies.

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desired, however, to make a few remarks upon metastatic inflammation of

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I attribute recovery in this case to the fact that I saw the child at a

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begin to subside, and finally disappear until the next morning.

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moaned and cried incessantly and there was no rest for patient,

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have been many earnest workers in the same field of observation.

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Apply once or twice to the clean barrel, and when dry,

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Fish and potatoes should be thoroughly drained after boilirlg.