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of a somewhat neglected drug — castoreum. Even pregnancy going

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quent hemorrhages over a period of six years ; coughed

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vanic treatment for a considerable time in order to do permanent good, and

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conduct of a given societjr, and acquired through the accumulation of masses of

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is kept in a better condition, and in that way benefited. In

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the lower lobe of the left lung was found, and there was some recent

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possessed none of our modern knowledge about organic

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cently completed a fellowship in surgery at the Mayo

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to eleven days, uninfluenced by medication or moral suasion.

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mumps was epidemic in the units in which he served, and on each occasion the diagnosis was confirmed

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The fifteenth annual meeting will take place at the St. Nicho-

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there is a question about the propriety of the physi-

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common, and in frequent and continued doses without setting up

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children, in fuch a manner, that the cut fhall be nei-

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Neugebauer {Centralhl. f. Gyncilc., Leipzig, 1898, Xo. 30) refers to the

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symptoms in cases of acholia. Usually there is, first, a stage of

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was that of speech." Three cases are given by Dr. Spurz-

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of numerous nuclear fragments in the venous lacunae.

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are spiculse of loose bone or soft tissue between the fragments;

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differences in chemical composition ('13 a). Explosiveness is

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many misconceptions about foot function: where a patient

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tures is attracting a good deal of attention of late, we shall quote a passage or

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colleagues, to quackery, humbug, fads, and systems of treatment, — all of

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sustained by my experience. I cannot forbear adducing, at the close of

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safe. On the other hand, he will be so familiar with the various

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scabies, necrobacillosis, contagious lymphangitis and rabies. In

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sufflation from one to two grains of the nitrate of silver, and from two to five

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the addition of soft food, as bran mashes. If the fever be very

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There is marked enlargement of the lymph glands and lymph

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"Ten years ago,'' she says, "I began to breathe. Up to that time,

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evidence of gastro-intestinal disturbance ; but in other cases the tongue

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Rectum, on stricture of the, and its treatment. By M. Vemeuil 203

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1st. Its Porosity.— The greatest in the "EMPIRE." It

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The same reasoning holds good with regard to the systemic

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severe character, at least half of the advantages of. and inducements to, the

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