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rather darkened by their influence. Black or blackish urine has several times been observed

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altliough soon after the patient has had an attack even actual

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Cooper, in his Naval History, states that at one time in this season

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organisms. If not invaded, a comparatively slow, autolysis occurs, due to

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paralysed muscles becoming over-stretched whilst the patient is

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Diagnostics of the Diseases of Children. By Le Grand Kerr, M. D.,

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ance of this investigation must be obvious to all. Its success further

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to have called out so many interesting remarks. One

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ings could readily be adapted to teaching by recitations ;

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the proximate cause of labour, and we find ourselves at once involved

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source of irritation or infection, should not be overlooked."

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most exclusively in buying and selling all solid and many liquid

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cable even with the aid of tenotomy, the surgeon should temporize, reservmg

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ings — a sine qua non in the treatment of the disease.

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bition, the reverses of fortune, the ingratitude of friends, the persecu-

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doubt owes this partly to the frequent leavening with British

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or ceased running altogether, and the blood in the veins of the gland

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mitted into such chambers for each volume of gas. But so little

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on May 12, 1886. With the exception of an attack of pleurisy

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* ' Losses in making Farmyard Manure,' Dr. Voeloker and Mr. Bell,

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are not clear that the intestines have been perforated, — a

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but also materially enlianced tlie reputation of the Journal.

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vindicated the public morals. Since her trial, the alleged

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out without much difficulty. These striae are caused presumably by

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Mr. H , aged thirty-four, a molder, had been suffering

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due to an irritant, it is not safe to check it thoroughly; and on the

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He expressed himself as feeling well, with scarcely any cough or ex-

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however, that it had invaded Europe and even Ireland before that date.

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circulation more active in the midzone than in the lateral zones.

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1 Read before the Obstetrical Society of Boston, February 12, 1887.

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IVhy are some men ambo dexter, that is, use the left hand as

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for some years, was made compulsory for the attendance of students after 1833,

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side, and the leg to be operated upon released from the hobble,

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