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nature was practiced as the safest method of opening deep-seated

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30. Experience leads me to the conclusion that physical examina-

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nose, and at about the same time the voice acquired a nasal character

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selves realizing, for destructions are greatly reduced, and

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It is usually not limited to the point of infection, but may be

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and breeder of pure-bred Hereford cattle ; the messenger said

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Elements of Human Physiology. By L. Hermann, Professor

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scarcely possible, in the short time I wish to detain you, to do

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generally of the opinion that his animal is affected with some

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their so-called hog cholera, swine plague, contagions pneumonia,

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His book may roughly be divided into two parts — the

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careful attention to details is imperative to enable us to

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and its surface ulcerating. If the differential diag-

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dition is stationary, not progressive ; electrical response is totally

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axis, the ureter is compressed, and in this way retention of urine,

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lishing a rule. There are numerous cases of married peo-

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exact extent of his activities is not entirely apparent.

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Robt. Listen, Esq. Under the head of " Ulcerated Glottis,^* Mr. Liston

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to two drams in two ounces of castor oil is very useful

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theless be exercised before determining the existence of

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material, it is also good practice to examine the parts for

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was diarrhoea of a most intractable character. The only medicine that

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we call and think of as pathology was but physiology in

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(2) extensor pollicis longus and extensor indicis ;

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phia County Medical Society, recently, and favorable

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remissions. This patient was shown at a meeting of the Edinburgh Medical

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ed. The tongue at the very commencement is generally natu-

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it for urgent post-operative haemorrhage when an immediate

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also takes place — hence some of our round cells may be prolifer-

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her convalescence was normal for the first week ; about

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fectly convinced from near fort;^ years experience of

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enigmatic group known as the pelagornithids. Ksepka named

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as to avoid dirt and perspiration. A very small drop should be taken,

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Dr. J. D. EOLLESTON said Dr. Gunson's second specimen seemed to be from

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advantage of being inodorous. It is very soluble in water, forming a

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years taught in the schools, the ordinary practitioner

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ful. For pain, opium or drachm doses of tincture of Jamaica

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any of you failed to hear it, and have not read it, let us commend