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lumpy. N.B — Salt to be omitted if salt liquor is used.

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pounds, was almost completely calcified, and was so

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dermically. In some of Prevost's animals death supervened within a few

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been compelled by circumstances to be sent on the same day, or

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treating periodical headache, which he claims to be original as well as

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protect the soft parts in that situation during the sawing, a strip of watch

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The name " dysentery " was originally a purely clinical one, signifying

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tuberculosis. This I do not deny, but I am convinced that lack of

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should exist so that dilatory land owners may be brought

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of the organ. The patient, aged 35, nuliparous, has for the last 16

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carcinoma. Dr. H. endeavours to show that these formations by their structure,

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2. Old name for albumin. 3. The nutritive matter stored

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lishing an artificial anus would have been less un-

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found in 13 of the 109 cases, in 21 was known posi-

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kind under favourable conditions. The death of a certain amount

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(8) To consult with and advise the authorities of cities and

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* See British and Foreign Medioo-Ghirargieal Review, Jen. 1866L

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able prognostic value. So long as they do not surpass in size that of the

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— and 200 milligrams of salicylate of sodium dissolved in 3 c.c.

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gout, as these special disorders are said to have been becoming

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boy who had a sore throat, and had been complaining generally. I

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soft and more vital parts can have been but 0.6 gr. However, al-

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after operation as chloroform confers during the actual performance.