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that time in a greater state of activity of growth and change ;

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one of the finest aids to a young practitioner which we have ever seen.

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be overcome by repeated small doses of strychnin or nux

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Major L. P. McLendon, Sadie MacBrayer McCain of Woman's College,

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capillary obstructions of the liver and lungs — unless we may suppose

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and for use when two medicines are to be taken in alternation? Send loc. for trial box of loo.

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Symptoms. — In the case of a horse, when the work has been ex-

side effects of zyprexa zydis 10 mg

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on 20 days at the Royal National Hospital for Consumption

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Billings, W. C, assistant surgeon. Relieved from duty at

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body. Some horses, especially those of a strongly-marked, nervous

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