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by dilute oxalic, muriatic, or tartaric acid and hot water,

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three hours for a week. It is an advantage if the cases

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came repeatedly over her. She drank frequently of cold water, and vomited

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diately after the examination." This is a very proper provision,

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should be clearly understood that this does not necessarily mean

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tion of the ear-drum has in some cases been greatly benefited by

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cessary to imitate nature, who prevents pancreatine from passing into the stomach.

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duced. Si iif«; then they had largely subsided till now

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cation and drillin": in the natural sciences bv which alone the studv

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preciated by the public. There is never any trouble in

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credited witli the power of relieving the most obsti-

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a person suffers from nervous palpitation of the heart

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thirty-eight years old, was first seen August Slst, She

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prominent symptoms being the fever, accelerated pulse

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Often, in fact, as I have just been saying, and as is observed par-

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current receipts. The illustrations give a good idea of the exterior

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and misapplied use of the tonic, the antijiyretic, and the hyp-

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One of these fallacies is that typhoid fever is a "let-it-run-

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demonstrating briefly how different theoretical approaches to the same text might

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autologous bone marrow transplantation as consolidation of remission in patients

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succeeded in evacuating all the wounded during a critical period of a withdrawal from a village,

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The predigestion of starchy matters outside the body,

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*Nuttall and Graham-Smith observed dumb-bell forms and fiagella like

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ining Board for each Province, exercising sole jurisdiction over

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it should be part of the duty of the vaccinator to attend any child who

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of rabbits and guinea pigs is very sensitive to arsenic,