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proliferation of pulmonary epithelium, pronounced hyperemia and

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Chapter XL, which terminates the first part of the work, occupies nearly

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coiupaiii(*d by extreme nausea and vomiting. 'I'lie

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timetre of meat juice derived from twenty-one tuber-

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period, have given us Shakspeare, Milton, Goethe, Bacon, Descartes, Newton,

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Normally the blood freezes at 0.56"C., with normal variations up ta

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of Goodell, before the glass stem is introduced. The

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very fleshy. The catamenial discharge had returned and was now re-

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of the tendon, making a bulbous enlargement that catches

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In considering the influence of impure air on the produc-

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Surgical Uses of Hypericum. — No matter where the

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Another very good method to divide the powder is to arrange it

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pressure (arterial and venous). In man the intra-thoracic tension

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it is a practice more destructive to health and longevity in fashionable

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except, of course, in connexion with splenic anaemias.

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expenfive ; perhaps a medium might be ftruck out, which

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to the wrifts and ankles, to folicit, if poffible, the

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three or four times, and before reaching it began to

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these disease patterns has led to advances in surgical treat-

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sponds to the date with the hour mentioned of the first injection of the

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meninges or serous surfaces, and some forms of general sepsis, constitute

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corona glandis. In new-born infants, in such cases, the external orifice of the

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Symptoms. At first those of slow congestion already

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It may be developed by wounds, punctures, cuts, bruises,

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difference between the results to which our observations respectively

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body, or to be depraved by various fpecies of acri-

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brane entirely, destroyed, and the chances for recovery are

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court gates and all the posts and passages into the citie of

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only shelter being a frame shed one board thick, wind and

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health in favor of the position that when struggles and even

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ing therefore that of their own nature they can easily be min-

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stances, but with no marked improvement. On December 30th

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rences of the haemoptysis. The physical signs showed a mode-

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