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last autumn in the Mater Misericordiaj Hospital, in
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the lower limbs would not respond to electricity, they
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ing well, having gotten entirely rid of the morphine. Six months
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brought on palpitation of the heart ; urine natural ; appetite
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the detection of cutaneous eruptions, he had for sev-
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Eye Complications. Injection of the conjunctiva and usually a distinct
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with sugar, making an antiscorbutic sirup called after him and highly
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Experiment Series No. 3. — In the above experiment we found that emphy-
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a stick, for if you use a brush, it will very soon destroy it.
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dysentery. According to my own observation, two prognostic facts may
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trigone had been transplanted. The transplantation of the
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helpless, and he goes down. During this time the muscles of the back
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Gelsemium.—A valuable remedy in the first stages of many fevers,
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the retentive bandage ; cpiick, I)ecausc a few moments
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the reduction until an internal splint is applied (Fig. 141).
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ments made by him on different animals in the laboratory of the West Riding
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the matter through whose agency all their ti^ues and organs
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of the aliens of that category, who should have been left to be cared for
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92a. Israel. Klinische Beitrdge zur Kenntniss der Aktinomy cose desMenschen. Berlin,
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Die Sehonung der Nervi Subseapulares bei Ausriiumung der
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infant. Where breast milk is not available, as among the birds,
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tient had phthisis; all the rational and physical signs should be mi-
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consernatie surgery, this is the second case which has occurred
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has seen or collected there was no history of mental instability
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leukocyte function may be impaired in patients with diabetes,
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through ignorance of the danger of delay; in others from
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cable without actual contact with the poison, the victim usually
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" Specimen of a New Illustrated Dictionary of Medicine, Biology, and Collateral
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SMt Teii]i«w«e Volb.; J. T. Wftlton, lOSd PennsrlrADlft Vote.; Sanreons
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state of relaxation. She responded not at all to a pin which was
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salt pork, and an onion chopped fine, one teaspoonful of salt,
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perfectly, but hurriedly. But before he can begin a sentence it seems as
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me as follows : "Tours of the 18th ult. is received. In reply