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recording circulatory phenomena), and will be found a most useful

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we consider these coarser and more obvious conditions only,

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nificance of the increased niunber of nuclei and more particularly

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hysteria on the basis of cerebral localization. I was

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atrophic with swollen abdomen. No pain on palpation. Free fluid

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J. D. ; Ferguson, G. D. ; Ferris, A. J. ; Howland, C. II. ; Nickerson,

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that had the additional stroking with the boiled cocci.

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most cases of this disease are observed by persons who practise midwifery,

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This is usually the residue of a pancreatitis from which

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knows nothing of its parts, powers and operations — nothing of its

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mercury, and to a less extent, of the iodides has been recognized and

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uncomplaining : they give some little trouble as it is necessary to

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The breath is foul. There may be sordes on the lips and teeth if the attack

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in which the wound is kept open, prevents any intestinal

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der, 2 oz., acetic acid, 1 pint. Macerate for 8 days,

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short time at our disposal either as students at college or later

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Siisswein {Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift, 1901, No. 47)

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rally past the meridian of life ; and is often connected with a

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•61405 h.p. Annates d' hygiene publique et de medecine legale.

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We should have prohibited direct importation from Russia.

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should any of our readers wish to try it. — [Ed.]

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solution of iodine in spirit will not answer, on account of the pre-

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nesota, Dr. Edwin R. Levine, director of Chest Services,

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A copy of the contract between the Milk Commission and

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that lay before them for consideration or solution.

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ins through renal and intestinal emunctories ; (c) fur-

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the seller, and damages could be recoverable ; but be

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good ; and in some instances the children are precociously sharp. When

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showed 90.6 gm. of glucose and a complete D : N ratio, 3.84.

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extact of convallaria maialis in the dose of fifteen to twenty grains.