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operations are carried on with less vigour, more sleep is needed, to
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During the five years of its existence, it has endeavored to live up to the
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In aseptic cases there is little for the nurse to do beyond the ad-
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on its head from a couch (the distance estimated at 1 5 inches). " An
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toxin, which in most minute doses is of appalling potency, tetanus is sure
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sensitive frog, which contracts a diseased secretion
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fering the slightest inconvenience, and with uniform advantage as re-
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Package 4^x4^x8 inches. 15 cents. Weight of contents
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make a lozenge mass with rose-water. Used at pleasure
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of smell or taste, squinting, and weakness of sight or even amaurosis.
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be completed by the operation of turning instead of forceps. It
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Shanghai (China); Sc.D. I960, Johns Hopkins Univer-
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his doing so is an injury to his professional brethren. Tl IhVe of a physician
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dition has considerably improved during the last few years, and
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completed Grade 5, and 68 per cent, finished the work of all grades
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turned to college for a year, and, to use his own words,
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