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were often a sort of miniature Cabinet, in the persons

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of course, an absolute lack of clinical material in Cam-

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the brain cortex that originate and control voluntary motion and

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of far greater importance than the purely mechanical part of surgery.

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ineum. In 5 minutes more the placenta was expelled and the uterus

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given to men and animals in large doses without any serious

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the ratio between these two quantities in gases. These relationships,

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twenty-one and forty, are perhaps easier to examine.

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From the commencement of the illness and to a greater or less extent

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depends for its results upon the perfect application of the plaster

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just mention the close analogy this dissociation of sensation has to the

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sterile salt solution the organ was returned and gauze

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general visceral hypertrophy attending morbus cordis.

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blood in the various stages of the disease are needed.

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Xow aphasia is generally due to cerebral softening from obliteration of

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required in the system, and what great funotiona do they

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due to the fact that the proportion of this gas when

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7. Centripetal is to be preferred to centrifugal transfusion.

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ceeded in swallowing about one half of the dose. A blis-

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and Zanesville, Ohio, to secure eligibles from which to make certification

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the pupil is not readily dilatable, to faxor the exit of the lens

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the case I saw was good evidence of the truth of this assertion,

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met with the consoling reply, "Get out of those wet


reason, instead of employing starch, gum, gelatine, sugar, etc.,

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standing, in all parts of the country, relating their experience with the Acid Phos-

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mortar with the white of an egg ; add gradually the sugar, and

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is an account of an operation for hernia performed in 1837, fifty-two

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pocr^ne amputation, which th^ had already decided on.

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Chile) and the West Indies (Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago). These international research

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individually in their appearances, no less than they differ in their

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Woodward, G. C. 1911. The Office Duties of Coroners

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he gravely attributes them to the honey having been

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acter of the disease was determined and its treatment

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The reflex comes to be a conditioned reflex (Pavlov). Studies of the

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doubt that Christ died so.* Viewed from a medical standpoint,

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laceration of the cervix, and Emmet's operation for its cure,

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