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this membrane merely serves a physiological purpose
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Considering the time, either he must be extravagant in his
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, A patient with diabetic ketoacidosis was found to have greatly
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the outbreak about to be described illustrates the difficulties attend-
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peration ; that while the body is recumbent, the eyes closed, and the
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to the cardinal symptoms of kerosis, besides the yellowish tint the
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lot of one so well qualified for the task as the present editor,
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solved the difficulty, and he ventured to return to
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very severe, and apparently hopeless cases ; the serum is employed only
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producing local anaesthesia by cocaine was employed
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spring should stand long enough for the chill to pass off.
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mental principle of Section 13 of the Act is the medical
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mental insistence to induce him to undergo an citation which, at
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perature might be accounted for by the excitement coming here, as
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1967. BELL, Whitfield J., Jr., ph.d., litt.(hon.), ll.d.(hon.), American Philosophical Soci-
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perinaeum, as indicated in considering the second variety,
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Sent by mail or express, as desired, to any address, upon receipt of the money, by P. O. Order, Regis-
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quantity of urine. The remaining testicle being entirely free
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tjiplwsiis in six out of the fifteen cases. ' The importance of
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has by his ingenuity given us many useful appliances for which we
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needs of the medical profession. Precise control and analytical laboratory tests guarantee
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junction with echinacea, baptisia and calcium sulphid,
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is an active agent ; and the first effect, especially in the use of coffee,
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the extract of absinthe possesses of causing attacks of epilepsy.
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the crexote produces a diminution of the intensity of the