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blood stream. It is to be regarded as an alteration alfecting specially
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every seven born dies of tuberculosis, and a considerable number
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rated with bloody serum. On the second day remove the tampons
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corpuscles. The parasites appear as small rounded bodies having
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immediately supervenes if some soluble calcium salts are added. The
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was hoped, as I have; said before, that the lumen of
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thing is governed by some law which is its natural law. The
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produce similar effects in doses but little larger than when they are made to
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Although few persons think it worth while to pay much atten-
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demonstrated : the musculo-tonic action of formic acid. This prob-
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vidual in all this phrase implies, and then, and not until then, should
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and soft Bread for Dinner, and Milk and Bread at night, or Sugar-Bisket and Milk, and
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Kimball, O P. : Iodized salt for the prophylaxis of endemic
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tendon reflexes and increased muscular excitability.
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all books upon the subject of chemistry is probably
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scattered throughout the whole extent of the cerebro-spinal axis, and
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surgeon has at his disposal the choice between many various means for
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pint of boiling milk, in which the sugar has been dissolved, and
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They were therefore undoubtedly of a high degree of
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purely humanitarian standpoint. Within the last few
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The orbital plate of the frontal bone was broken into fragments and
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on, so it goes off as quickly, the eye from being opaque and milky,
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but she is weak and has to lie down when they come.
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the presence of many pustules, a gargle of tincture of myrrh in rose
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being observed. Free evacuation of the bowels, — warm poul-
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Assistant-Surgeon Roberts Bartholow, U.S.A., is relieved fh>m duty in
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power became the later objects of their strife and the
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as though there were some foreign body in her left side.