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open the supposed abscess, endeavoured to reduce the tumor.

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and treated with sodium acetate until neutral to Congo red. The

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parture from the normal condition. Even Valentin,^ w^ho was

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pressure is necessary to produce the deformity, its cause

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to the illuminating article of my former teacher, Professor Morison,

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In conclusion, it was shown that the increased success

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lesions can be excluded by a physical examination. In diagnosing thht

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minates with the termination of the sweating stage.

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sloughing but the remaining nine recovered entirely ;

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in adding to the number of cows, and the effect of the friendly rivalry

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of as small an amount as '00008 milligrams per kilogram of body weight,

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Alcoholic stimulants are valuable as aids to tide over

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on more minute search, I do not find this to be the case, or, at

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Each cell Has its. special part to perform, and is endowed

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such a statement is strongly to be deprecated in the interests of the

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on official documents transmitted to the ministers by the prefects of

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temperature was high, al)Out 102° or 103'; his pulse 96, full

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heavy feeder. The custom existing among so manyjfar-

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judgment and counsel. On one occasion he said, " Why, I have a church

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foot, we have heat and swelling — the hoof or foot of the

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sickness in the head. If the vomiting continues long enough,

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chloral, morphine, and upon other animals and with other diseases.

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of 1 c. c. bouillon culture of Staphylococcus aureus into the peritoneal cavity

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few philanthropists, who furnish most of the funds for the hospitals.

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to satisfy her mind and to ascertain the ground for so singular a