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elements of cow's milk and of the Faiinaceons Foods, without the Btarch-

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sion is carried to the nervous centre, and so on. But I

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General Wood is fully fitted for the sanitary work before

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a considerable number of our Southern cities. In Galveston, New Or-

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the bones of the hand by means of the X rays. His procedure appears to

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ing the origin of the toxins which cause the disease. Some

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tion, all the parietal and most of the occipital lobes.

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its power, as the spasms increased in severity about noon, the

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ligament is inserted in the floor of the pelvis. The internal or

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tissues in the neighbourhood of the wound, as well as to guard

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on ^^ Adenoids.'^ The main purpose of Dr. MacDougaFs paper

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patient by treatment directed toward the eyes, as related in

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gave distinction to surgery, second only to that conferred two

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pardonable pride Dr. Osier traces the rise of M'Gill medical school to

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Council for Combating Venereal Disease, the Canadian Association for

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conserve its power of rotation. Theoretically, this would best be done

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antibodies occurs, it is evident that the content of the blood in agglu-

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organization of the Federal Department of Health many of the resolu-

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848 ; in iMjrinephritis, 595 ; in renal cirrhosis, 482,

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and veinsj vessels of sufficient size to be sources of mortal hemor-

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well as to the discussion it called forth, and at the time

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are transitory and very different from the chronic affections of the true

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used when the location of the supposed stump has to be "guessed

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and great dysphagia, and had hardly been able to swallow