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Lat e bull bait at Smithwick. Horrible tortures inflicted on
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partial extirj ation of the organ was adopted. In one case where the
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At the autopsy the spleen and liver were found sclerotic the
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other cause than polluted water. Applying to the entire
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with three cases in which persons who were riders had
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milk served at our breakfast tables the follov ing morn
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this question than from pathology only than from any part of the body
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cost of disinfection. The directions for disinfection are
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ous conditions and how they might be motivated to adapt
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bronchi trachea laryr. sophagus must be exclude. Pneumo
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In my own experiments upon animals bisulphide of carbon was
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which all other acquirements are of no avail. I say it does
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A very important point in the grazing of both cattle and
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nif for as exterminetur u afraid that there can be no
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good old fashioned way which resulted in the good old
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Dante Sta Hosp San Francisco Calif. Later part of Letterman Gen Dante Hosp
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penetration into the deeper structures without leaving behind
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writers on the subject take a very pessimistic view regarding the
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independently of the central nervous system and of the peripheral nerves
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and at the end of this time he was sleeping walking and
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including the peritoneum along the side of the cartilage and then
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that he drank and swallowed beef tea until within a
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during the operation and on removing the needle there was no
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mint and other aromatic herbs. In the course of a week
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These authors probably represent very fairly the views entertained in
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cious. It should always be applied warm and the bot
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inflammation generally sets in even when the nail or
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the library of the Scottish Museum of Science and Art. They consist
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with similar findings. In fact Spiller Mills and Osier
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is that the mortality in cases treated by ten physicians in the United
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Amityville Long Island has been arrested for conduct
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valuable to the hard pressed surgeon who has become
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submucosa the latter being infiltrated with pus a purulent sanies
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the out door cases the former being distributed as follows Puerperal
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and forcing the perineum before it In this way the long side of
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difficult to bisect the artery without detaching the liga
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result of congestion and as it is of pretty long standing without any
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dilator and the stem is to secure free drainage from the
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the right. Line engraving by William Bromley after a painting by
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letter Btatw It is a very noticeable fact that all of the cases
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upon the basis of unity of principle and community of
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had med a few hours previously and was still quite warm. The thorax
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to concern only the patient. To free him utterly from the aw