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First, by immersion in solution of hydrargyri bichlo-

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most invariably bring relief, though a vigorous dry shampoo

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tise, in which are to l)e found, with small exjjenditure

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Line your cake tin with buttered paper, and fill with the mixture.

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In December, 1866, she first had an attack of pain in the left

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Uni. Night Stunt, Pres. Pre-medic Society, Bus. Mgr.

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color, showing that the starch has not been much changed. A

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include in it the loving courtesies, the thoughtful attentions that mean

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ounce of it is freely and completely soluble in less than a dessert-

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M. ; Carpenter, W. ; Clark, J. M. ; Crandall, IE ; Grinnell, A. P.;

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it improves the efficiency of long-distance flight because bigger

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stood, then, but not till then, shall we be able to say with accuracy

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bed-rest; on the fourth to get out of bed an<l oil in a

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pupils contracted; extreme deafness; forearms, hands and kness

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than if it were living in the normal state. These confined

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Masson made a special study of foot-prints, to settle

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Surgeon Thomas McMUlin, UA A., wUl report in person without delay

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care of Dk. Gribcshaw. Reported by Mr. Fox, Clinical Registrar to

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na" has been converted into "flake" by bemg boiled in water, clarified

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whether or not the amyloid degeneration of the renal vessels may

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may be understood that it is then positively cauterant. Strict

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suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis. She had been in failing health

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confiding of frefh milk mixed with it, copious broths,

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the statementH of the Alcalde, he will be re(|iiin;d to

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parents to Cayuga county, N. Y. In the words of Dr. Hamilton, "Mrs.

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cases of typhus in adults. The practice of swathing children,

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University, find themselves unanimously of the opin-

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Citrine Ointment). A bright yellow ointment. Used externally.

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tions, and in the complete dischtirge of all public obliga-