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What Is Promethazine Vc Plain Syrup Used For

suffused, red and injected, fixed and motionless ■ pupils contracted to a
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pelvic band {h) — The Pelvic Band is made in two halves in order to
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an opportunity of redeeming the past. All knowledge of this
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cases, although the treatment was purely experimental, it was not
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form a pretty correct judgment from the symptoms alone. The physic-
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Jahrb. d. Wiener Kranlcenanstalien, 1893. — 3. Boulay. Gaz. des hSpitaux, Unly 1891.
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sulphide the antimony is dissolved out as the yellow sulphide. For more
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contradiction that superfecundation does sometimes occur.
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symptoms and lesions in the later periods of the disease, mercury to cure the
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the face and neck and it may be so extensive as to close the eyes.
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ample autopsy material this learned pathologist believed that he
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in a variety of conditions, as fasting, malnutrition, after short hot
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tolerable itching of the skin, and had tried remedies
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faculties adapted to the acquisition of a knowledge
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uous in character, which is complained of by the pa-
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either a case of croup, or one of diphtheria, or one of laryngitis, &c.
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other modes of treatment in acute oedema. Likewise in the
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pelagornithids. The skull of these birds was uniquely hexible. Its
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disease, and is always attended by great prostration of
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Saints, vol. viii, p. 394,) says, " The French kings usually
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n> In- present at all itingsof the Convention, and partake ot tin- dim.
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move one lactiferous tube and its follicles from the surroundings which
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any place along the trunk lines carrying the Texas cattle, by the dung
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If gangrene takes place, the odor becomes fetid, and
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be trustworthy, the rags being of domestic origin, and
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for saddle mules, and a little digging would have made
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applied several times during the previous six months to her
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that the brain is ' organically' affected, or that even a congested state
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B.S. 1972, University of Alabama; M.D. 1975, University
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the ordinary machine is oiled, cleaned and cooled and kept in the most