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Promethazine Hydrochloride Syrup Uses

amusing to the ignorant, but tragic to the immediate

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doubt not, from the presence, in the earlier specimens

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depressed, and her health fell off. Two months ago, she came

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impurity. It is important to remember, however, that lipase itself be-

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of instancep are on record wherein 83, 85, and 88 per cent, of

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of the question. This is true only in cases of sunstroke, heat prostra-

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belonged to the group intermediate between the typhoid and colon bacillus.

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the anaesthetic is removed. Alarming symptoms may occur by

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of the tube and the fimbriated extremity. Id its vertical diameter it measured

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Laboratory Examinations: Urinalysis, hemotologic values,

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Histologically, the interstitial tissue is normal. The vascular tufts of the

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a mortality rate of 22 per cent., but among the cases here

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trast to the results in cases of "irritable heart."

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Reading forward in transverse sections, the tractus thalamo-

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whom I found a record was Demarquay, who over fifty years ago

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students. Autumn, Winter, Spring, Wed., 11:00-1:00. 24 hours. .2Mj.

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violence of the same order. The analogy is as great regarding the symp-

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of consideration, so that we may prevent these poor creatures from

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Acute Peritoneal Pain. — Extra-peritoneal Hsematocele : slight Pain and

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Another thing, in all our dressings regarding fractures of

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urine is excreted, as may be determined by catheterization,

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the country ought to contribute fifty cents towards a

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upon the theory has been justified, and that each year shows