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Drs. F. and N., he did not think a case of pregnancy has been made

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dental and oral diseases, and request tlie surgeons

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destination niaj be. or what their primary tnodiit operandi: whether

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mater are in a condition of tonic spasm, as it were. Atheroma

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which renders the same absolute motion, a motion in contrary direc-

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body proportionally. In cases of tubercle with elevation of temperature,

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were all entirely agreed in this, that the first cause of every

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fistula, it must act merely by exciting irritation in the neighbour-

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There was a time when I would have given my assent to

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ored and loved by his patients. Dr. Tudor was an earnest

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tooth drawn, the mass was easily separated. The whole

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Walnut and Merion Sts., Bridgeton, N. J. • Calle 4 #18, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico

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The microscopic examination showed this to consist of renal substance, in which the

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Robert Ferguson, London — "A Plea for Better Obstetrics."

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end of the battery cord by a few turns of copijel'-

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review of the slitlamp literature was not made, he was unable to find

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The Influences of Race, Climate, etc., need be very briefly alluded to.

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' Ein Fall von Hiimatogenem Ikterus. Deutsches Archiv filr klin. Med. Bd. 12, S.

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and Ear Infirmary, the Boston Dispensary, the Marine

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simply because the rest of chronic invalidism has allowed such

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rear ; the materials for their manufacture are not easily transport-

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Avas inserted and the wound closed without further investigation. The

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Gangrene and Severe Ischemia oj the Lower Extremities. New York,

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a test-tube, and then to allow one or two drops of tinct. iodi (B.P.)

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lipids can be extracted from the stratum corneum in the labo-

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chiefly the poor who seek the benefits of these establishments, me-

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MacDonald, C. F., 529; the psychology of criminals and a plea for

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care to keep the opening patulous by means of tents.

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suckers, kills the plant by living on its nourishment.

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power of living of these lower organisms ceases after a certain

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at northern watering-places within the last few years. But there