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gent things, and to apply a plaster to prevent its rup-
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of the house. It was impossible to keep her quiet. I tried several
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court gates and all the posts and passages into the citie of
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M. C. W, Products appeals to the thoughtful physician who con-
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Amines — (CHN) — Volatile Liquids — As nicotine, cicutine, sparteine, etc.
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partial paralysis of the levator muscles of the eye-lid, so that it is
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In a certain proportion of cases the relief obtained by this aid to
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humanity to recommend it to every person who seemed to be
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You often hear surgeons spoken of as heartless, cruel, having
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Five of diamonds. — Four of diamonds (No), four of hearts (No),
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If, however, the instrument is constinicted with the size
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has an eye to see or a brain to perceive can dissect an
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To give medicines subcutaneously, the hypodermic syringe is used.
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layer of the retina, and the characteristic of which is that it is composed
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the right arm and this symptom has been confined almost
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Centennial Hills, August 18. 1895 (No. 1728). Blueberry.
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Bacillus diphtheriae is such a rare occurrence that Loffler, who made the
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abdominal parietes and viscera." He says, " I made an attempt to
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saw, the inner layer of compact tissue (which is supplied through the
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troubled with this parasite ; that dogs, fed to any extent on pork,
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tor of resolution. 11. Shivering was not observed in any instance where death
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when I found the astragalus displaced forward and inward,
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return to foci upon the retina, so that effects once evolved may not afterwards blend
promethazine 12.5 mg zc 01
In April 1917 this volume was published in the French language
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5. On ff. 49r., 50r., 52v., 53r., 54r., v., 64v., 65v., 66r., 71v. 76r., 77v.,
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that the most constant form of sensory anaesthesia is a limitation of the
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undersigned, to whom remittances may be sent by postal money Older, bank check, or registered
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staggering. Intestinal parasites were diagnosed. The colt died
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annuls their mutual independence, and the depressing action of the peroneus