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delivered the Bradshaw lecture has adopted this same phraseology. In this

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Technically successful — clinical result too soon to report . . 1

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of typhus, small-pox, etc., etc., and the conditions on which

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of any complications related to the operation or the under-

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Wine of Coca is probably the most valuable TONIC in the Materia Medica. With stimulating

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until the whole arm becomes affected. Now -the bronchial tubes

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than once in four hours, and not in larger quantities than four

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Hosjnfal Reports. — The Reports of Hospitals usually contain a vast

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full speed through soft tissues only, when therefore there has been

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tion frequently rises to very high levels. At times this can be referred

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culosis," whether this result be obtained by inoculation or the formation

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extraction. In connection with those intended for the former, it is my

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grains of extract of belladonna and four grains of unguentum rosee, with

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students' manuals, the fact of the popularity of many such books

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carried on, and sent in his name to me, asking the servant,! by the way,

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to thirty grains in twenty-four hours. In one instance four

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E. Lilly & Co., Indianapolis, Ind.: — I am fully satisfied your

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iiemorrhage caused by the presence of a piece of retained placenta; and the

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means of this principle when suspended in the atmosphere ; that is,

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which is under observation, cutting down a large area

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nent or embarrassing to our vision. This propensity

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ease aborted fourteen times, always during the eighth or ninth

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after the intraspinal injection, the foot of the bed should be raised

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latter case the treatment of the pain is of secondary consideration to that

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severe concussion, and when signs of compression are not

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by the Convention had become too cumbersome and expensive to be

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and to have produced the disease in rabbits by inoculating with the

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after authorized so to do by the subsequent sections

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principal roots and herbs to be found in that part of the