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inflammation, and suppuration. How far the cases with interlobular

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the concluding chapters of which appear in the November

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that the processes of association should be most carefully

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sanitary service is conducted under the direction of the camp

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companies operated in peace are equipped with their quota of ambu-

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muriatic acid 20 drops). Less depends on the composi-

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hours j)reviously. Sound sleep is thus often obtained Avhere there is

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have been met and corrected, and there is a feeling of heaviness at the

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these membranes t do in their location and functions, for

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As long as I am on the subject of drugs, let me call the at-

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is not normal (see tables in section on Phthisis). Moreover, his chest ought

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loss of sight. This calamity would have been wholly avoided by operat-

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cations to the " Edito7\" it is necessary to repeat that everything published in

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the transfer of the milk to the purchaser, should be subject to the following

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ytaty delicate or feeble stomach, it should be sought

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obstruction of the small bronchi through excessive secretion. The fact that

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which was at first cloudy and only late in the experiment became rela-

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operation could be performed. One case of chronic peptic

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tions covering only a limited space, often not larger than a pea

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firmed by the presence of bacilli. The most rapid in

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Dr. AV. gave much of his time and attention to the poor.

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tion and simple dislocations without at first liberally

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truest and most important services we can render to our

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municipalities. All were keenly interested and grateful. The

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his sensoi-ium heavy and dull during the day-time. Under these troubles our

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I began trying so-called " remedies " as soon as 1 became

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of especial interest. My assistant, Dr. H. T. Marshall, in an unpublished

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ately following upon the suggestion of such articles of food in this

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ferred to, which we consider worthy of reproduction here. Prof. Flint says,

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If this be true, then, when acid globulin is precipitated and redissolved by salt,

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In bringing the subject prominently before the Society, it was not so much