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Resolved, That this association set aside a sum not to exceed

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regulate the pressure accordingly. Diminished resistance and

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practice in Maine, 619; scarlatina conveyed by milk, 643; a new

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wants ; it is a physical impossibility for her to attend on her chil-

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recovered. After this he was a changed man, his conversation was no longer

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remarkable for its equability and freedom from extremes of heat

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more constant factor in the sedentary occupations pertaining

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Journals Received" was made up, for it looks very antiquated.

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The Journal of the Indiana State Medical Association

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He has held the following positions in civil life : physi-

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! eighteen, and has one child. Is quite stout and in

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the schools of our land where instruction in the elements of physiology is

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3. "T4 (new)": This was prepared from the same strain (Dorset)

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In the case of herds, too, the same precaution is imperative,

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ings merely aid us in the way of making certain preparations. Such

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be adopted as our knowledge of the habits and nature of beriberi and the

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The relationship has in the past been very good. We ve

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effectually promoted by the action of the irritating applications

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or two strains were agglutinated to a considerable extent by normal

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Follicular tonsillitis is most common in youth and early

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there is anything the matter with him. The eruption is at first

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The impression is also suggested, from the use of these

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results, because of no data with which to make the comparison, but he

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common in his section of this country as in parts where

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