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days for P. niutan.-i, the temperature begins to rise.

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Neither was there loss of tendon (patellar) reflex, and the sense of pain

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mighty strengtli who might, through the influence of active out-

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it is indicated by the cavernous respiration and cough. The ca-

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the property of men whose daughters married was 50 per cent,

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claimed that their odorous secretion is suppressed.

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J[iis<'lcs of the same part are, besides the sphincter and leveitor

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ment of widely dilated, reactionless pupils, with complete or nearly com-

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the upper deck, with no other shelter from the weather, than

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[H-] as the horse serum 0-003 cc. 0-04 cc. 0-19 cc. 0-23 cc. 0-28 cc. 0-28 cc. 0-28 cc. 0-28 cc. 0-28 c

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without causing pain ; that pusliing pins deeply into the tissues is unnoticed ;

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with the corresponding phases of the oxygen. The reverse is rather

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(Monatsh. f. prakt. Dermal., Hamburg, Xov. 1, 1900) that three

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a recent article in the Louisville Medical News^ Dr. McRey-

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Putrefaction, prevention of. Dr. Calvert on the,176

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nine, reversible upon discontinuation of therapy, were observed in about 0.2% ol patients with essential hypertension

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essential element in the production of the symptoms of phlegma-

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Modifications of Bigelow's Operation for Stone in the Bladder,

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great diagnostic blunder recently by neglecting what I am now urging on you.

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fered more or less from diarrhoea. During the first

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constitutes his eighth form of " Bright's disease." But Rokitansky

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reproduced many times. At the same time, i'ew recognised the

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swollen and reddened and covered with mucus in which living amoebse

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them as involving morbid conditions would be here out of place.

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attended, on each occasion, with the discharge of expec-

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Van der Horst, Hughes, Koch (five cases), A. Plehn (three cases),

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Gray, William Wetmore, B.S., Dickinson, '85. .Bellevue, '90 Bridgeport.

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