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use in tabes dorsalis of doubtful efficacy, yet in this disease

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that fever is an excess of vital action, should be avoided.

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{b) Pseudo-antirennei ; its mode of action and its nature.

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structing gutters and sidewalks and, in winter, interfering with the sleighing.

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in much obscurity, but it is generally conceded that,

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ing the folds of the indurated coats of the stomach-wall

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cost and compliance. Adolescents require a full dose of the

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cyst of the ovary is discovered, instead of simple ovarian dis-

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cricoid opening it is withdrawn, leaving the straight-ended outer

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the sweating stage of one attack may suddenly start the cold stage

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diameter. These cartilages are not unfrequently reddish, and their

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acter of some kind (call it a germ if you wish), but I deny

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