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liferation round them. The nerve-fibres have disappeared in some places,

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not far away, complained of some pain, but the next

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may be early, delayed or late. Early, when there is soon

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Tab. i., External Muscles of the Body, Full Front. Tab. ix., The same, Side

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might not now be deprived of it ; so Dr. Goodale overshadowed

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The palm is given to metallic antimony in colloidal form — doses of

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to 3 inches of rib under local novocaine anesthesia; the breaking

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chiefly confined to llie bane, and a large cyst of Hoften-

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cases tliere is complete obliteration of some part or parts of the

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laid out for the enlorlainment of com])any in the manner

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he be a constant attendant at church, is apt to look over his accounts

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mittals. Of these committals, 4,138 were for drunkenness and

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hand there are subjects who do not become delirious and present no

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" tient ; (lie cannot hear, nor does the womb effect

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Treatment. — The most rational method of treating this disease

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the operation. When he was dismissed from the clinic

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and, after that defect had been corrected, the bill was

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From the time the sows are put up, their feed should

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patient drew our attention to the dry and parched condition of

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cruits, as recommended by Lind, was not begun until 1781. They

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and fibula just above the ankle joint. The fracture of the tibia

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able by atmospheric currents, even the most feeble,

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the patient was right-handed. The increased size of the muscles

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a median (or vermiform), two lateral lobes, and two flocculi. The sub-

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miliarity, flirting, even of a mild type, the gambling, drink or tobacco

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shoe on the icy pavements of winter with excellent results. The

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walk further than a few blocks without giving out ; in Church

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vessels are left dilated — a condition that must favour the rapid

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sued by multitudes of educated aspirants — in the