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of pulmonary tuberculosis, one of gastritis, one of scarlet fever,
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mal bladder does not contract, it merely collapses under
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levels in towns. He mentioned the fact that the average illu-
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came under my notice many went away benefited, temporarily,
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In the matter of figures, we have endeavored to give as few as
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power. As this observer states it, " Creolin is not
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for the medical supervision of children who are so badly under-nourished
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Of the other resorts in Teneriffe the most important are —
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as when they are utterly miserable. Like the maiden k who milked
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reaction is, however, the same at whatever rate it proceeds, and the
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*HALL, Walter L., Medford (Tele. Boston 6919) — 1881.
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two to four weeks after all tenderness on palpation of the joint has dis-
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servation of the patient, and examinations of the or-
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observed by many practitioners, and that a few applications render all future
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The Creative Principle Supreme — Three Great Sex-Functions — Transformation Wrought
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On sonic double Attentates and Phosphates, by M. VVach. —
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valuable two-year-old heifer had been given an overdose of
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tercostal muscles become stiff and parchment-like; the bones also get
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several other appliances for the purpose of fixing the
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for the discovery. The new ink resists the action of
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low's three types are given, viz. : — 1. Active, sthenic cases in
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cimens in the two cases tabulated above differed somewhat.
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erent philosopher, and, when the end approaches, go,
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mia. The convulsions excited by carbonate of ammonia are undoubtedly of
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(for she is now on the floor). Examine the eye at this stage, and
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reader must turn to Nicalse's translation of Us " Chirurgia,'' which,