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the part under examination, the long part from the hole being in the

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extended his neck, and after much eflbrt, during which the veins of the

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gall bladder are catarrhal in character, the natural drainage into

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of the molecular weight of hydrochloric acid in grams dissolved in a

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rarely performed, I do not know the proper moment for

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moderate grade of interstitial nephritis. The brain showed on both

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promptly from it and from the shock of operation. He did not lose more

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severely from the shock ; the wound on his back was dis-

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process due to primary microbic infection, and the vesicles and bullae

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Electricity and galvanism have long been extensively employed ;

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bestowed upon Dr. Lewis A. Stimson, the professor of anatomy.

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ture was 102° or over. April 17th the spots upon the

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which has called Cincinnati into life and prosperity.

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The tendency at the present time to abandon the application of strong

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1. Puerperal septicaemia is coDStituted by a series of symptoms more or less

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in distinction from an acute disease which speedily terminates. This

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render them an easy prey for the leucocytes. These substances they

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those who survived became blind, dumb, or demented. Salerne proved

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every age varies according to economic status with such mathematical

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mids resemble the cortex in color. Pelvis smooth. Bbain : Weight,

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was about 60,000. At this time it is estimated to be about 400,000,

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The Antithermic Analgesics. — J. Schmitt (Rev. Med. de PEst, Octo-

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From the anatomical description of a licemoptoic infarction,

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Stove*. Gas ami kerosene stoves for heating apartments, 316;

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Gentlemen, — As you are aware, during the last few years

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the idea and researches of the advanced thinkers and workers

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Morbid Anatomy. — (a) Examination of the retina reveals hemor-

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cessor shall have been appointed and qualified. Each of the members of said board

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author recommends that if this two-stage operation is adopted the second

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