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suspect any one of them of the offense. We had a servant-

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ference, and found the man without fever, pulse 90,

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disease may be discovered, and their sale as meat at the earliest pos-

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invalided to Netley, the patients were fully persuaded they had

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sent interesting charts illustrating the incidence of tuberculosis and re-

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opened retro-pharyngeal abscesses by incisions into the

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Tliis obviously great advantage entails, however, its corollary,

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and in case of the death, resignation or inability of the President, Vice-President,

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V. Staheli reports 16 cases where double oophorectomy was per-

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ointment of red iodide of mercury. (See Prescriptions and

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following is the substance of a circular recently sent to the

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accident, for most temporary purposes, anything that

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faith in God," his providence and his grace; and her aim was

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Here can be mentioned only, as an example of the more important fer-

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of this work was done by the sanitary personnel of the group.

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that other signs will have betrayed its occurrence already.

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interference, then the after-condition of that uterus will be

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in order to prevent exhaustion and collapse from the

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will prove to be par excellence the treatment for cholera

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is much more active, so that ordinarily no bacilli can pass the normal

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line, and its pressure upon the chest is over the prominent

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gas affects both health and life, but how small a proportion of the gases are capable

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necessary to life, attributed the death of animals from which

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The cases diagnosed by laboratory study as hyperthyroidism, pre-

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alone are attacked, or even the nerves of smell are deranged,

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Turpentine, 1 pint ; corrosive sublimate, 1 ounce ;

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ments of the globe were slightly restricted, but in none of the

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with adverse fortune, but to have taught quietly the

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test with a known strong positive serum, another test, using a serum known

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children reach the last period, the period of consumption, in three or

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whose clinical experience I have great respect. I would report