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abroad ; any little thing will remind you of it, if you try

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towards the wind, the steam is cut off and air is driven

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insomnia and in that of insanity ; it is valuable in cerebral

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ization time of isobutyl-2 cyanoacrylate. AJNR 1986; 7:109-1 12

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by this patient for the determination as to whether the symptoms were

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an upper segment paralysis. The course was quite consistent with

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depend upon hepatic or uterine disorder ! Our supposed

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there for several hours or even days. A prolonged subnormal temperature

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her hair had been long enough to reach her shoulders. About three

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Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New York.

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fluid ; instead of being distributed through the lymph in discrete points

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described it more fully as lesions of the mucous membrane, and prescribed

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most entertaining writer, Le Dran, in the second quar-

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Unless this can be explained the *argument refuting the lactic-acid

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opportunities of control are furnished by every operation designed

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three or four doses are taken. Pepsin is of value in a

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I have since frequently tried to repeat this happy manoeuvre,

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tonitis, is to consider the extent of surface inflamed in this disease,

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and was noted to have a temperature of 103.8° (rectal).

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although the pulse was lowered. 3:30 p.m. Applied the icebag,

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hemorrhage is more probably here present, and that meningeal

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ftillatitia, tarda, impedita, et ad generationem infuffi-

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technic is employed. In rare cases, however, four or five daily

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taining the current for ten minutes it was gradually

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so delayed that no more is present in this place at one time than would

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which was probably ulceration of the glands of Peyer. Purulent

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