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perfluities which are engendered in the liver, and then the

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ease with reference to their content of specific antibodies, particularly of

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Left Ovary. — Metastasis the size and shape of a billiard-ball.

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shoulders, the upper part of the chest, the backs of the hands, and the

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The present state of our patient is very characteristic of a class

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none of whom were then living, three of them having been still-born

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Until we have such a class of facts, we can not know the wants of

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a lady, aged 22, who had suffered for three years from pelvic

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P, sterilisable needle and director carrier; G, taper fixing pin for P and D;

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has succeeded in giving rest to several cases of insomnia, the

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nary hemorrhage took place, due, probably, to an erosion of the trachea

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then he jumps up and pushes the straw all out on the ground.

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