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monstrated the succession of pathological changes in disease,

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t-hcy give why they cut those shorter is, because they believe

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followed. The small-pox prevailed as an epidemic in 1649,

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malleolus cxteraus upon the right leg to be 38 cms., and upon the left leg 38.5

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three inches of the extremity of the tube just prior to its intro-

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References — References, which should not exceed 35 cita-

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once there was a great many hydatids in the cavity of the arach-

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Hughes. It was brought into the neighborhood of Greenwood

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The rapidly-growing eucalyptus tree has been found very useful, prob-

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split into two parts, of which the central is soft, and the peripheral

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(p. 166). Slightly mouldy hay given occasionally has not

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fever will arife, and in the courfe of a few months

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comments, and the full text of an ordinance " To Prevent the Spread-

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allowance for a strong complement by using a diminished amboceptor

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surpass any preparation of meat ever examined by me. It merits my fullest endorse-

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Kali. carb. 2.x. — Obstruction o\' the nose, mak-

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the case of ancient poliomyelitis, spoked of previously, that I now

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rence following stroke: The Framingham Study. Stroke 1982; 13:290-295

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employed in an attack of appendicitis, which only exhibited the

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Surgical release of the transverse carpal ligament relieved |

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Many bacteria are attached to the hairs of the body, and particles con-

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been before the grand jury and caused me to be indict-

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E. Lilly & Co., Indianapolis, Ind.: — I am fully satisfied your

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necessity for watching the return of bleeding under such circum-

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For a time he improved. March 15 his hemoglobin was 56 per cent.; red

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■ bleed. A pledget of lint was introduced into the abscess.

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tongcmajorismaturitatis&indodrina& "'•"■•■' i J;r^-, — ,j.,„jt..-/: .1


<^f doubt as to the author's meaning. These illustrations are from photo-

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Posture in the treatment of Ileus and Colic, Hosp. Gazette, 1880; read

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chitis, and arachnitis — Perspiration restored — Disease re-