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The tendency at the present time to abandon the application of strong

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fibrinous or purulent. The slower forms of pneumonia seem

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on soft ground, soon cause a horse to lose his action if he

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quickly as possible, if there is a piece of meat in the throat put your

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for acids, give alkali, -such as, for example, soda, chalk,

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the changes in the number of red cells, given in millions per cmm.

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clearly aneurismal, extended for some little distance into the

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ulcer, at once became alarmed. The patient had considerable pallor but

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gans are the lungs and gills ; his incorrect idea of the connection

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side of neck by an iron rod, causing, it is alleged, a perforating wound.

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are impossible of suture, may close spontaneously, and we have had

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and was one of the last who died with the fever at this

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heart almost equal in severity angiva pectoris. As addi-

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fore, of the current description of an acinus, according to which

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•consequent amelioration of the disease, much less anything

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Lewis R. Oatman. Greenwich, N. Y. : " Upon graduation I served

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the special charge of that organ, has put all things to

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form; that the laws of the United States and Canada and other

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George) are the other deaf-mutes of the family. All the boys

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power is expended with great rapidity, by a constitutional law, it is

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that the dislocation was bilateral, and the child nearly six

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the rabbit's liver, for example, the mature psorosperm is called Coccidium

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Venereal Diseases reported by Provincial Laboratories, June, 1920

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committed to the charge of an officer inexperienced in its

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syphilis, but differences of opinion in this regard do not affect the

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than at the previous examination. The anesthesia of

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later a thiclc creamy pus appeared. On examination it was

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shall be the Code of Ethics of this Association, and shall form an integral

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one to two days. Among 186 cases there were 10 in which Ziemssen ascertained

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most exclusively in buying and selling all solid and many liquid

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Could the doctor and priest have frightened the peo-

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