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second week cleaving oil' suddenly, and leaving the tongue

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occasions. During the ten years, 1874-84, the rainfall was not so

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case, also a self-reETlsterine; Clinical Thermometer with Indestructible

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For Students desiring special instruction in mechanical

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reasonable to assume that they are constantly taking a

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present as one who was a staunch supporter of the Royal

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[/ung§, — Anteriorly both lungs seemed healthy, neither

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packing it will be of great value, as sterilizing liquids which soon

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Dr. W. H. Battle, of Lilesville, N. C, highly recommends San-

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of there being no time for escape by flight, nor means of getting

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xuvopi-ap^ia. However, we have often thought, while enjoying the pith which a reviewer

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use an active physic after the anthelmintic has been taken,

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mula is some multiple of that proposed by Lieberkuhn ; and

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The names of those Members who are exempt from taxation by age, are in Italics :

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In performing cliolecystectomy, wlien it is possil)le he divides

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Three months later (IStli October 1906): "Since the last note the

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attention to some of the new books and new editions which have been added to the

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pecially true when there is an inclination to prostatic irrita-

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no use whatever in diarrhoea, but lead approaches zinc in

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ally on the same arm or side, as this tends to form or make

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departure, to examine her throat. I did so accordingly,

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the epistaxis, catarrh, and deafness, and, later, of the eruption and en-

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portal connective tissue along the "veines rectilignaires" to the

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part of the foot which gives rise to the acute pain. It is acute neuritis of

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any eruption of any kind; he perspires very freely, and claims

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Sharpey's surest ion of spending a month in Edinburgh to observe

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proposed the name " pseudo-sclerosis," the speech defect ; the slowness of

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and Obstetrics. C-sections are OK. Excellent salary and

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simply because it is not at first apparent. Diseases of the lungs

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[Reprinted from The Journal of the AirEEiCAN Chemical Society, July, 1920,

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Great excitement sets in, and soon he becomes unconscious to

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merely retards them for a time. In cases of moderate effusion