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Cross Committee, cannot provide the class of medii-al

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dition for a period varying from fifteen minutes to several hours,

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The inhalation of air laden with bacilli from dried sputa

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of a fluid. The progress of the symptoms, and the very disposition

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1902 h.— Idem. Reprint, pp. 129-143, 14 figs. 8°. Jena. [Lib. Stiles.]

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ments by means of hardening reagents would interfere with

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2. Locomotion. — In my former paper I attributed the lameness

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must out-top the neighboring building or wall. But there are two things

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While on a professional call last night, after leaving the

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cal society in Connecticut has passed in its progress to the superior

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that it is much less toxic, and that it does not cause local irritation. It is

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as he had previously applied that term to me publicly, though he was af-

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between those who had been in France from one to three years

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ally on the same arm or side, as this tends to form or make

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upper extremities, the muscles of deglutition, those of the larynx, the thorax, and

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with thrombosis of the portal veins. Osier has reported a case associated

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Symptomatology: — There is a sensation of weight and

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of the history and issue, that the movable condition of the

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erate exposure brings it on, and may run to a serious case and die.

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ceased. The wound healed and he left the hospital materially improved. He did

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at last died without a struggle on the 29th of September.

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The aim in general is to disturb the tissues as little as possible,

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which affords an excess for 1828 of 1058. In this total number there were 11,430

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Experiment 4. — Another sample of acetone-insoluble, alcohol-

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confusion, flights of ideas, and symptoms of collapse. Delusions are usually

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Aid Societies. Help from these sources is contemplated in the

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roughly handled so as to break up any adhesions which had

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calibrated glass tubes. The tubes are placed in the reservoir,