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remained there ; others had gotten into the common choledoch duct. In

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the Commission. Dr. Mariette has been ill since early

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Broadbext, Bart., K.C.V.O., and Johx F. H. Broadbext, M.D.,

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Scotto, Anthony William. Associate Research Professor of

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tensive circuit. He was for many years the health officer of the town,

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SURGEON-MyUOK J. 11. PQinER'S Cases of Exce^©eS»€^@k0gle

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the skin and panniculus muscle, immediately over the laceration

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Docs the surgical art offer any plan of treatment by which

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or a delicate and Irritable habit : it is the latter in which you most

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examine the case, and, if judged practicable, to reduce it. A very tall

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androgens. Hypercalcemia may occur, particularly during

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Special Reference to the Temperature of the Overgrown Limbs, and with

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one of any use for real operative work. The reason of this is evident.

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fully expresses the common and vulgar carriage of such

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let fever when it is about, is to protect those most liable to

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sible seriousness of these cases is essential, and prompt

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rapid sinking of all the forces. Staggering gait and anxious

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be done by the establishment, under proper direction, of cli-

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By leavened bread we mean that which has been made by fermen-

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and that one in fourteen had taken a collegiate course. Of

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and occasioned by blood or spirits poured out from an artery or

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disease as it prevails sporadically, he tells us that adymanic or

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was total blindness of right eye and then the left. A few days

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tance from two points of view, retrospective diagnosis and interpretation of

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introduced fifteen or eighteen inches it is known as a high enema.