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absent in the disease is the enlargement of Uie spleen^ BBd
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do good, often do ill. They know it, whose stomachs
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New Year a remarkable improvement both in the local and general
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tery is bacillary, and amcebic dysentery is either absent entirely or
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after fifty years of age, the larger proportion appearing be-
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form of some twenty lectures delivered hy the author at the Loudon
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illus to penetrate soil is at present an unknown quantity. There
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tered medical societies of the State; which certificate shall set forth
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active purgatives and enemata (F. 190). Then the constitutional
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matic, for it is but reasonable to suppose that other allied microorganisms
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searches, M. Plakiava has arrived at the conclusion, that acetic ether is fcrm-
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after the most extensive experiments upon large animals
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the statementH of the Alcalde, he will be re(|iiin;d to
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aphasia, or, possibly, to some paralysis of the tongue.
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rolling out the cut and continuing the incision in the
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The above formulas would cover all meats which are put in pickle
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varieties of cell resembling the " cyanophile " and " erythrophile " cells
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is an extremely interesting number of that journal, the
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Pathology. The study of the pathology of this complex morbid
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"" Dr. Cromartie is Professor of Bacteriology and Medicine, the University of North Caro-
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toms together with the history, and a warning is given against
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the vulva are sprayed with the mercurial solution by
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unusual phases. With your permission I shall, on the present
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resorts, where sick people stayed for lengthy periods,
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have developed ; and that vaccinal eruptions, if present, dii!'er widely from
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were presented by the several speakers, who all promised for the
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Stassa. George. Clinical Associate Professor of Radiology.