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when you are hungry. So it is for your child. One of you is

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ratio of fair days is 215, and at the latter, 117 ; the cloudy days are as

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slight exercise. I did not prescribe. She died in a

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isolated ; but practicalh' there are two chief kinds, — chain-forming cocci

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order is received after due date must accompany the order.

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in the ventral position the leg and back are prepared with benzine

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Administer a little barley-water and it will remore rt.

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brain functions, we are warranted in supposmg that they may

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of war, and during peace of affording assistance to

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Dr. Sternberg, the President of the Association, has

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freely opened by palpable orifices ; that on the left side, by which the

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Here we have to do with a question of manifold character. ]N^ot

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If adhesions of the bowels and of the anterior abdominal wall are

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omyia fasciata) which have fed upon dengue patients. The

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cornpleta <Rew med. de Se villa (16), v. 2, 10 feb., pp. 75-78. [AY* 1 .]

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riding of the parietal bones and their depression beneath the adjacent bones

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a tubercular infection producing its characteristic lesion, and, in addition,

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boracic acid, which, although admittedly slower in its action, is

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only, as an old and tried observer, present them as facts,

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15 gm. of the same sample were then hydrolyzed with 150 cc. of 10

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Where a herd of cattle is free from tuberculosis and it is to be

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66, of which 13 were reported at Baton Rouge. It is to be regretted

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an inch, or, to be exact, by one and three-eighths inches.

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we shall now consider them in somewhat greater detail.

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fact that the humerus is greatly more liable to be the seat

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larly of the French school, classify their cases of diphtheria into pure and

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to 78.9 per cent., in the following year to 78.3, and in