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stetrics and gynecology), T.O. Zazula (psychology),
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tines, whilst the muscles of the abdomen are supplied by
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cars were coved at all angles and covered with linoleum turned up at
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o'ne-hundredth of a grain of cantharidin will raise a blister on the lip.
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bright sunshine, very quickly disappears. The climate of Prescott
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He always allowed the wound to heal by granulation.
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depression occur. Exercise caution in patients with chronic uremia,
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disposed of, and the water supply, from shallow wells, soon became polluted.
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ing handkerchiefs, pencils, chewing-gum, practices common among the
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especially to affect the gray matter of the anterior horns and the central
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Amenia that he had business enough for two persons outside of his pro-
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perforate and lacerate the adjacent tissues. To ob-
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whatever calling in society, who give tone to public sentiment. It
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On arriving at Arecibo there was quite a lively lit-
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operation unsuited to acute cases with hemorrhage. It would seem
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An execution took place many years ago in Litchfield county,
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the administration of anaesthetics for dental operations. I have no hesitation
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stomach. In these situations it attaches itself by means of its powerful
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known. The story of the father'' s life has never been
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Every hospital in which operations on tumors are done should have a
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night on the ground. When he reached the hospital he
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Even if it were the case that, as the writer in the Briti^
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evidence adduced by Goldflam puts 72 per cent of the cases of syphilitic
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that admirable institution, the Lawrence Asylum— established at Sunawur, near Kussowlie.
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October, 1760, the appointment of staff surgeon in Hodgson and
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ing a tunnel they are enabled to read on for quite a few seconds or so in