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are growing at each place where it struck and ploughed
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also photographs, with autographs and expressions of
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the patient will allow. Commonly, however, the loss of much
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it is doubtful whether some of them were really caused by explo-
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At the end your patient dies, and it is interesting and important
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of the lower vertebrates. When the blood of the bird, for example, is
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Loss of speech. Aneurism the size of a pigeon's egg on the left side of the
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Descent from a phthisical parent, as will again be referred to.
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distance from the center that the redundant tissue shall be removed.
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The case was thus one of circumscribed gangrene of the
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Banta, RoUiu L., 330 Elk St., Buffalo, Erie Co. Original.
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to produce umbilication in the varicella vesicle, but this rarely takes place.
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tion of every child entering industry, but no State has provided for ex-
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pregnancy she had anorexia and vomiting, which ceased spontaneously in the
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92a. Israel. Klinische Beitrdge zur Kenntniss der Aktinomy cose desMenschen. Berlin,
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serum is injected in the proximity of the nervous centers.
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Two weeks after the ball.—" I am remarkably well — no pain — no
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perform an autopsy upon this body. To ni}' surprise
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change with the variation in the strength of the lens and
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in treating the stump without wire or clamp, and in such a way
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made out, nor of the heart or aorta. Such cases should not be too quickly
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The treatment of patients overcome by cold must be circumspect.
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an incision, as it is easier to reach and allows the lowest channel for the exit of
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The body is that of a well-developed, but sparely nourished man.
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The articular affections never altogether disappear, and the joints
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out obtruding her figure, is worthy of all admiration
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adducted, the fifth adducted; all can be markedly flexed. There
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restless, nursed well. The tumefaction and hardness
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Vomiting has boon caused in children b; simplv washing the skin with