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the Governor and the Legislature to procure additional

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some morbid condition of the general nervous system, to

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189. When an allotment of funds for the repair of a hospital or

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Administering Chloroform ; The Colonial Nursing Association ; Blindness

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sionally one meets with a fourth group in which the activity of the

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depression occur. Exercise caution in patients with chronic uremia,

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cessantly. His temperature rose to i03i^F., pulse no. On

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from the time the projectile quits the muzzle of the rifle, owing to

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more will be coming in during the post holiday months.

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us to reason from the exception instead of the general rule.

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tralized. It represents the base that is available for the neutralization of

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merce, and we can not expect to prevent or eradicat-e the disease

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besides. Now while this might be sufficient reason why State

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upon by himself, and I am happy to find that the medical men

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Metrorrhagia: Of the digitalis group, digi- Metrorrhagia: For prolonged and certain

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gent, enquiring physician engage their attention, than those whom

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Of these retired physicians, 75 enjoyed their retirement,


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be sufficient with children. With young adults it may be

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to one lung, when its area is circumscribed and not diffuse, when it is single,

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approaching sea level, almost without exception as regarding pul

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ing this plan there is very little or no trouble with the child. It is well

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improvement on an operation tliat was introduced by Jorg in

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since relatively few cases of early nongouty arthritis have been avail-

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tous libroma, to which in a few cases a s(!C()iid tissue

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myelitis, secondary probably, and existing upon the

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two years, not complicating any infectious disease.

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also, which has usually accompanied subnormal blood bicarbonate, has

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the throat; restless sleep, rolling of the eyes; short,

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and hypoxemia, soft porous sleeping surfaces, effects on

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poison having induced death in them so rapidly, as not to allow time for the

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be obtained, as she was a stranger, but she had had several pre-

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useful, but if prolonged, they caused prostration and

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deformity in fracture of the neck of the femur, the elevation of

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friends in all cases of severe sickness ; and, indeed,

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that the part of the uterus in which the placenta lies fails to contract ;

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matter are found in the kidneys. Beckmann found in the renal

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