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and strict co-operation with other agencies — a most important
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and the operation of the cholera process. Tims ligature will
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to the light box. There is a full 20-foot space from the patient's
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this disease not confined to a limited section, but scattered,
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top of an old open, two-seated Buick. When the anxious doctor and his patient
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ored professor "f the theorj and practice of physic in
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Hospital, I found five cases, happening within a week of each
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88, l>ecame perfectly regular and lost its intermittent
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closes with this number. If our subscribers will turn to our
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not justify prompt and decided measures ; mild remedies subserve
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fide by injeding a decodllon of figs, or infufion of
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patient who was treated by the inhalation for more than seven successive
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'^ 2. A quantity of the green powder thrown upon a hot iron emitted an odour of garlic,
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imitations of it all bear witness to its value in being imitations and in
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becomes icteric, and a tumor is formed by the distension of the gall-
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tanic convulsions, but when the skull is oj^ened, and the gas
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cattle, whereby immunity might be given to the greatest and most
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known as Barlow's disease — consists also of making a pro-
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limbs, by exceptional positions of the limbs, independently of locking, and by
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Considering the depressing or exhilarating effect of many substances,
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flammatory adhesions of the parietal with the visceral
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gastroenteric stoma. As compared to Beverley Smith’s
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course, has his profession to acquire after having theoretically attain-
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readily passed. A certain -gentle pressure may be necessary, and a change
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quires time to learn to regard these little daily intimacies as a matter
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ments of the junior student, it should certainly find a place in the
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was less rapid, and its recovery was also less rapid, than in the
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When dressing, she obliges her husband to hold a pi n
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icine are by no means to be regarded as less important in
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the result may bs a bilateral paralysis. But, as the
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ing so good for this purpose, in Dr. Bosworth'a opin-
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wherefore it is cuftomary to tie to the beds of lying-in
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ness wakes quite brisk and vivid, but the power of sjjeaking iuid
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"The extraordinary prevalence of smallpox over various parts of the globe,