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inability to swallow solids. In such cases, by means of the

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later the residual urine had fallen to five ounces. He was

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ever, produces it, without insane tendencies are also present.

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by measles, but it does not appear that pregnancy confers any im-

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variably be written in the English language, and limited preferably

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Lyme disease has been reported in red squirrels (J. Sneed,

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in prejudice, bound securely by precedent and tradition, and is

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the thyro-hyoid ligament. It sometimes becomes enlarged and forms an

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The principal lesions in those who have died of pneumonia

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slight in extent or may entirely block up the nasopharynx. It is apt

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have in the training of the present-day medical student. The time

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as will prove attractive to the best graduates from our medical

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Taken from a Bulletin, entitled: "Standards of Child Welfare," issued by the

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patient received an intramuscular injection of colloidal manganese and col-

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general brain state in idiopathic epilepsy. The local disease which

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first volume of this work, will be found effectual. The most

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obtained by their external and local rather than their internal administra-

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of medicine. Coleridge, you know, said we might of-

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through the grounds of the farm passes a small stream of water,

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hospital usually have rubber tubes of this length, because

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A true abscess of the spinal cord is a rare event, and is probably

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doubt about the identity of the structures. When it is remem-

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thing that could be done in the old way except tracheotomy, and

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places from Nova Scotia to British Columbia and Florida, Nebraska, and Arizona.

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and each will find it a pleasant task to cultivate new graces and banish

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April 14th, says : ' On the 6th, I sent you a telegraphic

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We repeat that, on the whole, we are much pleased with this report,

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and horses may feed and will eat of the foliage of the tree and

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post or separate command such numerical statements of sick and

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below the first rank, both in range and in quality. Of the letterpress

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of certain types of disease are being turned out in

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Therefore a student taking the Medical Courses with a view to procuring the

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than fifteen days, and in some cases the rabbits are not attacked for

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acters described which came to my notice are included, although many of

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