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disease as it prevails sporadically, he tells us that adymanic or

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we* find those veĀ»els in disease, is clearlv one of hypertrophy

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absolute rule, never to wean an infant, unless some special circum-

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" sore throat of indigestion." Dr. Packard then re-

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The period of his residence in Holland marks the one

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pretation of the facts which I have already insisted upon.

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have been partially carried out during this year. They were

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cumstance, connected with this morbid condition, has led to

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some of the deposit was injected into a guinea-pig.

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for an attack of typhoid fever is not a pleasant matter at the best, but with

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* Dr. J. H. Bridge*'* Memorandum to Local OoTerameni Board

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Green, S., Halkya Rectory, near Holywell, Flintshire

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Massachusetts Medical Society; the annual meeting beiug

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as in Huber and Silver's case. In the series of cases reported there

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Mr. Harold Fayle returns the rainfall at 19 Highfield Road,

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commissure connecting identical points of the two hemispheres with

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for conveying them from the collecting to the dressing-station.

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phragm is called into action to aid expulsive efforts of abdominal

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slowly, stirring all the time. When getting cold stir in it

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cause inflammatory processes in the serous membranes.

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As a result of the slow absorption of the dysentery bacilli from the

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Sarah M'Donough, aged 46, married, without children. Admitted

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of one lung by pleuritic effusion predisposes to acute and chronic diseases,

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difficult to form an estimate. I have no doubt that