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Signa. One or two to be taken at bedtime. In epilepsy.

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the pathologist and bacteriologist the problem is by no means so simple.

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parasites may be present, even in vast numbers, in persons who are,

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ten cases, has given satisfactory results, some of the patients so treated

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extensive burn, then a large piece is more convenient. The

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accidents, and that a division of the peritoneum might induce

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implies, there must be numerous hydro-carbons produced; which,

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as it will only thicken the skin. If anything is to be

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Sulphurous acid is sometimes present to such an extent

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examination by culture methods will determine whether

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If the owner, occupier, or lessee, refuses to do the needful cleansing

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cine. Moreover, in Great Britain and Ireland, except the rather

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Committee on Diseases, prepared by the Secretary of the com-

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It evidently is occasioned by imperfect digestion. As a general

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These lesions should be thoroughly studied where exported cattle are

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branches yielded little, if any, when the trunk bark afforded 1.5 per

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that a species of bacillus found by Mm frequently in diphtheritic membranes

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of Dulwich Conmion, at the junction of Lordship Lane and Dulwich

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ples must dominate in all cases, and these may be stated un-