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K. Mills, M.D.. Piofessorof Diseases ol the Mind and Nervous
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the South and the West. Our subscription list is large and increasing;
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examined as a witness on the trial of the suit brought by
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Military Hygiene and Surgery during the Siege of Paris, 1870-71, by
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those supposed to be free from taint. In considering your
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jections raised to the circular suture are, firsts the time
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fossa, about as large as an orange of medium size. There was no swelling
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show that this effect is not so much due to the oils
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that all the fatal cases had pneumonia, and thirteen of
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kill the first culture failed to destroy inhibition. After the thermal
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is an increased, secretion of synovial fluid ; and this increase may
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Ever since that time I have used this method in all such cases
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sity of immediate interference. Finally the limit of her en-
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tion may be felt in front of the point of the hock, or a line
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lasted a short time. A severe lancinating pain established itself at
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described it more fully as lesions of the mucous membrane, and prescribed
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Flesh with calcified cysts may be harmless, but is exces-
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marked. The lungs were dark red and contained a considerable number of rather
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circumstances, the application of a leech may aggra-
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Small flocks can be dealt with, the ewes' udders being
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now been rapidly reviewing, have we not already seen that the
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' Bowlby and Andrewes, " Surgical Pathology and Morbid Anatomy," 6tli ed., 1913, p. 268.
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writes very diffusely, so that the summaries which are to be found at the
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Vaginal examination shows cervix in an advanced stage of can-
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doses of potassium iodide for a period of one year without appreciable
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matter. The tongue is covered with a saburral coat. The rigors
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Seen by the microscope 670 times enlarged, the margin