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haps worthy of special mention. In the first place,

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cholecystitis. Findings suggesting acute cholecystitis were

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prostration, but that soon passed away. Temperature began to

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" We have to suppose that, under normal conditions, the function of the

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and have also enfolded it in cases of marked dilatation.

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cases ; ])ra(;tically all doubtful cases and a good part of

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flabby paralysis of the right leg. He did not think it poliomyelitis at

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nor the works which he has produced, but a profound love of

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taenia solium during the course of her malady. The extract of male

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A Hand-book of Obstetric Nursing, for Nurses, Students and

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solves in the cold in acetone and in boiling water or alcohol.

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who were close upon blindness, yet by the application

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Three convulsive seizures at the beginning of menstruation ; menor-

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and less fi'equent intervals, and possessing certainly

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disappointed that my statistics do not demonstrate this fact more

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season, reaching the championships before suffering a

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milk of the cattle because the disease became fatal subsequent

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discharged to maternity care, 47; discharged to hospital, 3; discharged

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Griffith^ estimated a hereditary factor in 27 per cent, of all cases of

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St. Louist Missouri^ November 1st. — We were unexpectedly visited on Mon-

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were dead in twenty-one days), and eggs will not hatch after ten

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fever soon developed and resulted in the loss of 10 or 12 head of native cattle.

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suit all stages of the disease. Dr. Clouston, in the outbreak of the croupo-

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poses it in the small intestine or the large ; thus we find them capable of pass-

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On the 23rd the abdomen was more swollen and tympanitic,

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salts, in combination with vegetable acids, have proved to be of

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the one on which it is finally to lie, and at but a few inches distant