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thousand-mile creek, that no position more salubrious than this can be

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the child, we are in duty bound to allow the labor to proceed,

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more coma than we usually see accompanying cases of typhoid

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course of its existence, the character of which testified to

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caused is rapid, but transitory, with abundant sweats, shiverings, cyanosis,

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by their employment, the phenomenon of "lag" is avoided in the con-

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as to the occasion or as to his surroundings, and had no appreciation

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injury, which is usually a fall or a crush. The diagnosis is to be con-

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pared with that of persons of their own age elsewhere ;

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a hoarse guttural sound of alarm and attempts at flight movements.

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there were on both sides masses the size of one's fists. After injection

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A well-balanced compound of Cascara, Podophyllin, Colocynth ifw

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entire breast is shingled over, as it were, with the compressing cover-

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lar border of the inner plate of the bone, and growing rapidly, forcing

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explanations given were, carelessness in administration and idiosyncrasy

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Bransford. John F , surgeon. Ordered to the Smithsonian

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ment of any other kind. He fully admitted that aggravated

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de Medecine Veterinaire, there is one from adjunct Prof. M.

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ease, and thus there was a strong probability of backward

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the reality, and a great deal more accuracy than we can use even

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under unfavourable conditions of health or other circumstances,

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down as far as he could. The cane was swallowed by the ani-

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imposed. His methods are analogous to his micromethod for sugar

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favorable. These investigators have found that it is not difficult

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above and below the affected parts : when pressure was made near

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